Are you as light as you should be?

How can you know? Ask ten people how much you ought to weigh and you get ten disparate answers. BMI is, in my opinion, more suitable for the more athletic, and nigh useless for many of us.

Ever the geek, I have six years of daily weight data, which I’ve averaged over months and plotted. You can see I got my myself down from 81+ kgs to a late-age low of 75, had a rough patch, and then for two years in 2016 and 2017, I consistently came in at 76 to 78 kgs. These two years, not coincidentally, were my first two Big Years (daily exercise helps stabilise weight, not news, right?) But then our Italian trip earlier this year took me to 78 kgs and it’s climbed to a recent high of 81 kgs and rising.

Has cycling put on some muscle mass, as a couple of people have suggested? Not 4 kgs’ worth!

Not being able to jog gives me a chance to crack open the 5:2 diet, which reliably shifts weight downwards at least half a kilogram a week, no matter how much you eat on the five non-fasting days. Results? Excellent so far, now solidly under 80 kgs, and I’m looking at 79 kgs at the end of next week. I’m aiming for 77 to 78 kgs and predict a wonderful boost to my running as a result.

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