1,000 Big Year: I know I complain but rising early is now easy!

In the final sprint to the end of 2018, this Big Year has been a mess but a bazooka of a mess. I know now to never again set such gnarly day-by-day imposts. Every day in 2018 I’m mean to rise early, to work in peace (no Facebook) over the morning, to get my 1,000 words, and to do daily planning/monitoring.  Even allowing for vacation time, I estimate my success rate for those four rules is 67%, 75%, 33%, and 80%. By any measure this Big Year is a flop.

But flop it isn’t, not really. In a busy life, getting most of the day onto in-flow work is tough, and I’ve felt engaged and motivated all year. Right now, I jump out of bed without fuss, I give Facebook an AM heave-ho, I always get pretty good work done, and I’m on top of things. No mean feat, all that.

Imagine me smiling . . .

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