Freshness Big Year: New goals

The details are boring but at last, after a few weeks of uncertainty, I can plan anew:

I’ll only jog 1,000 kms this year, quite a bit lower than my original target (which itself was the same as 2017’s achievement but far below 2016’s 1,700 kms). I’ll ratchet up distances slowly to spare myself a gluteal muscle relapse. I’m happy with this: at least I’ll be back running round my streets three times a week.

I’ll still aim to hit 2,000 kms on the bike. Not easy but not hard either.

I’ll only aim to hit the gym 75 times (down from 100 last year), which amounts to maybe twice a week, the bare minimum frequency to have a positive impact.

A wondrous blanket of peace descends onto me . . .

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