Freshness Big Year: How I learned to not hate gym quite as much

Some folks actually enjoy going to the gym. I know this because at Visions Fitness Centre, the wonderful place I walk to, happy faces are perennially smiling. Me, I’ve never been able to bring a grin to my face on a gym day. Yes, I always felt satisfied after each session (a large part of which is the geek’s academic understanding of how low-weight-bearing gym routines dramatically improve the health and prospects of us older folks), but getting me to Visions involves plenty of grimacing.

Well, a side benefit of having a leg injured enough to ground me from jogging is that I’ve suddenly transformed into one of those looneys with maniacal smiles while they pump iron. When gym is your only time wrestled away from pen and desk, it suddenly feels sweet. Did I catch myself whistling yesterday on the way to Visions?

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