Was 2018 a year of betterment or learning for you?

With days to go before the shuttering of 2018 and the unfurling of 2019, do you glow with a sense of a year well spent? Do you reckon yourself more knowledgeable? Did you tackle any of your flaws, the ones you know so well? Was the nineteenth year of the 21st Century progressive or static?

I raise these questions with no arrogance or preachiness. I know I’m an outlier in desiring “progress” or “momentum” or “betterment.” I know I’m strange in dreading stasis. What’s more, my four 2018 Big Years mostly bombed out big time, so to the extent I tried to change myself over the year, the results weren’t stellar.

Today I probed my own situation. I’ll discuss the four specific Big Years in future posts, just to round off the year for my own benefit, but from a general perspective, here’s one important (to me, at least) observation: each of the four Big Years, even the ones that tanked in November, had SOME impact on me. Even if I didn’t take huge strides upwards, even if I sniffed the stench of “failure,” the very effort, the trying, the questing . . . I think I inched forward. That pleases me greatly.

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