Announcing a Wings Big Year for 2019

A big success in 2018 was my Tractor Big Year. I spent an hour each and every day gradually learning how to self publish a book. Steady, unruffled learning… education with a purpose… not too much and no dramatic pressure (beyond the stress of “fitting it in,” which, quite frankly, is enjoyable)… I loved it! And it worked.

So next year I’m going to repeat the bountiful pleasure. Each and every day I’ll spend an hour learning about and musing over the big picture of the world’s birds. How many birds are there? How many bird species? Where are most of the Earth’s birds? What are the broad categories of species (I think they’re called families)? What countries have killed the most birds? How many of our bird species will survive to 2050? What are the major migration paths of birds (even more fundamentally, why do birds migrate)? In other words, can I summarise Earth’s birds in a manner that helps me write about them on an ongoing basis?

I know you’re as delighted as I am at this decision. You can look forward to a torrent of educational jewels over the months of 2019.

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