Day 318: writing amidst personal rebellion

I’m writing this today but in relation to last Friday. For two weeks, for better or worse, my Author Big Year disciplines have been set aside. Deciding to be arrested and then being arrested …. well, those steps have turned my writing life upside down, at least for a (hopefully) short period. I’ve been writing heaps but all on Extinction Rebellion and acting towards climate change action, and all that writing has been for my private use (no one needs to hear banal tales of nervousness and then tense mayhem). I’ve also continued on with the daily Wings Big Year activities, the simple one of educating myself about birds and their migrations and natures. Beyond that, I’ve continued to review for Read Listen Watch and I’ve managed a post or two of interesting history on Nuclear Power History. But as far as progressing the nuclear book (or, perhaps as importantly, moving with Gentle and Tusk), it’s been a tough period.

Since Friday I’ve come up for joyous times in Darwin but as ever, I’ve been selfish and holed up in local cafes to continue thinking and reading. Today I’ve made a move back into the history of Germany’s start of nuclear power in the second half of the 1950s. It’s felt powerful, as powerful in some ways as being handcuffed and shoved into a police van. More power to the writing, eh!

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  1. Probably only a few of us will remember the stand you made in getting arrested. But your book research and publication will probably still be adding value to many in many decade’s time.

    It is a valuable piece of work for our society!

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