The words on Feb 19

I’m managing to read Poole’s word every day, only because the time involved is as fleeting as a minute. It strikes me as a good habit. I’ve been less diligent in conjuring up my own daily word, but have managed to catch up.

Do you look for a new word? A better word? A fucking fantastic word?

Feb 19: A solander is a box that “opens like a book – in which you might store letters, photographs, file records, or other things.” Apparently the inventor of such a book was Mr. Daniel Solander. The devil is in the details of storage furniture but I’m sure that in the corporate world we used similar boxes to record our brilliance. My word? Mondegreen: a word misheard in a song lyric. I love my own interpretations of wonderful lyrics and had previously heard about a mondegreen (look it up, what a derivation!), but have never employed it and, right now, can’t imagine how I could.

Source: A Word for Every Day of the Year by Steven Poole.

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