Writing Big Year: Call me happy

Over the first full fortnight of our second lockdown, I put in 108 writing hours, just what the Writing Big Year requires. Drafting time only amounted to 58 hours, not the 84 hours I’d prefer, but hey, there has been plenty of friction. So I should be happy and you can call me happy and I took a selfie in which I tried to look happy, but you know what? The photo is fake news. Happy I’m not – the world is sick and I know people who have died and I know people struggling mightily.

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  1. Much love, Andres. I’m not happy either. I admire your pic 😬 but want you to know that I care how you’re really going. Thanks for sharing this post. There is so much disease, pain and grief in the world, it’s a heavy, heavy burden. I hope and pray for relief, and that you would find peace in the only one who can give it.

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