The psychic pressure of blood pressure

One of the reasons I’m trying out a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet is that I bought a blood pressure monitor after my heart scare in winter. I had never paid any attention to my blood pressure. Why should I? I was fit and healthy! Whenever a GP took my blood pressure as part of an examination, I forgot the funny numbers immediately. Even when, more recently, I began to be told that I on the “high end of normal blood pressure,” I blocked out the message.

In July I could not reel off the numbers at all, so I bought a cheap machine in September and began recording daily numbers. What a wake-up call! Essentially I was at 140/95, sometimes at 150/100.

Five months into the diet, the numbers vacillate but the trend is definitely downhill. I’m recording under 130/80 and last week’s average was 150/85. Pam is at 110/something. Is there any hope of me eventually getting down to that level?

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