David Brooks on grief, friendship, depression

An extraordinary eulogy/lament for a friend by David Brooks. I’ve only been touched briefly, in myself and in others, by depression, but his words break my heart. Here is his article. It is, naturally enough, behind the New York Times paywall. I get a few “gift shares” per month, so if you do want to read the article, let me know..

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  1. Could I receive a copy of the article? I am a mom who is in the unique position of having lost both of my children; my son Nicholas died at 18 yrs, and my daughter Donna at 32 yrs. I have grieved for years now, as Nick died in 2009 (after attending a New Years Eve Party), and Donna died in the Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire along with 36 others in 2016. (I believe both died as the result of other peoples negligence.) I understand my depression will always occur during the anniversaries of their deaths and for the holidays. I have thankfully been in counseling for years, and I try to read helpful articles about depression. I also love listening to David Brooks on PBS News Hour every Friday. Thank you.

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