1,000 Big Year: When the plot fails

1,000 Big Year

Yesterday I agonized over a plotting issue: where I finished one rough draft of events jarred with where I next took up subsequent events. I tried hard to solve the issue but to no avail. So this morning I blew up the text into a big typeface and printed out a couple of dozen pages. Out come the scissors. On a large desk I’ll snip and reassemble. Hope it works . . . (if it doesn’t there is something even more terribly wrong) . . .

1,000 Big Year: It’s hard to write when you’re stupid

1,000 Big Year

Drafting 1,000 words is hard enough but some days I hit a barrier that requires going back into the research books. Today I wrote:

Everyone talks about “containment” protecting reactors. The term sounds simple: protective overpants preventing radioactive spillage if a disaster strikes.
But what does it REALLY mean? Why isn’t it obvious to me which of the world’s reactors have containment or not? Is “containment” a fuzzy term that hides more than it shows?