No more lockdown

There isn’t such a word but that’s what I’m doing. Here in Melbourne the lockdown has begun to be eased. Five people to your home … that doesn’t sound like much but it let us go see our local grandchildren yesterday for the first time in two months. Emotionally, that feels so much like a release, that I’m ceasing the daily “Lockdown” posts on this blog site. Those 46 Lockdown posts were nothing profound, just a means of prodding me to be attentive to the strangeness of the Covid-19 times. At the same time, I’m ceasing the daily “Defiance” posts on my other blog (an example here); those 43 posts were similarly aimed at keeping the flame of climate action burning. From today onwards, lockdown no longer imprisons me.

2020 recast


We’re not out of lockdown yet but in my mind and heart, I’m now calling myself free. Free to look forward. Free to embrace a fervent future. Free to dream big.

After a month-plus of hiding and indulging, I now gaze outward. I wake up early. I strive.

Within the swirling chaos of everyday life, my Big Decade skeleton overlaying 2020 will be two big years, the Writing Big Year launched yesterday, and the continuing, trivial-but-uplifting Lexicon Big Year.

How I wish the rest of 2020 spanned twelve months, not merely eight!