My Big Decade: Follow my progress?

In 2016 I obsessed, day on day, with writing and jogging. In 2017, writing becomes even more intense, but on top of a Writing Big Year, I’ll do a Fitness Big Year (cycle, jog and gym) and a Rock Music Big Year (listening!). You might find this quirky struggle of interest! If so, go ahead and click the Facebook button.

2017 Day 1

One of the paramount rules of a Big Year: start on January 1. Today’s mandatory three tasks:

  • Get up in the dark to write well
  • Cycle, jog, or lift a dumbbell
  • Listen through Teenage Fanclub’s album Here

Not so straightforward, for it’s New Year’s Day and a special person’s birthday. All going well, it will be a day of two halves.


2017: Let’s attempt a Fitness Big Year

After nixing a full-blown cycling Big Year, I knew I needed something next year that carries on the good work of this year’s almost-completed Jogging Big Year. But what?

Let me try to exercise each and every day. Can I learn about cycling, keep up some running, and progress my gym work? I’m no longer obsessing on one set of muscles, I’m being an all-rounder. I’m retaining good habits but working on more holistic “fitness.” Do I know what “fitness” means? Not really but hey, why not have fun puzzling this out?

Specifically, here’s what I’ll target. Each and every week, from January 1 to December 31, I shall cycle 3 times (2 longer ones of a couple of hours, 1 shorter one of one hour), jog 2 times (my current 10 kms), and go to my gym 2 times (no specific rules set). Over 2017, the goals are: 5,ooo kms of cycling, 1,000 kms of jogging, and 100 gym sessions.