Day 334 of the Big Years

I’m reporting the same mixed bag as a few weeks ago:

  • Writing Big Year: how disappointing can it be? I’ll never set up a “conquer the world” humongous Big Year again – only by pure luck will it work as planned. All that said, I’m inching forward with the book and without the pressure this Big Year has put on me, I wouldn’t be where I am. Smile, Andres!
  • Fitness Big Year: I called it “fitness” and I’m markedly fitter. The discipline is, so weirdly, joyous!
  • Rock Music Big Year: I’ve listened each and every day, and have conquered 110 albums. But I can report no epiphany, no new anchor in my life. Is music dead to me?

Fitness Big Year: The pleasure of it!

The big push to hit 2017 targets is on! 45 weeks of focus has acclimatized the body to 110 kms of cycling a week (not far, really, but enough for me right now) and 30 kms of familiar-but-still-tough jogging. Strava tells me I’ve managed nearly 3,300 kms of cycling, 800 of jogging. To hit 4,000 kms/1,000 kms, I can’t miss a week or even a day between now and New Year’s Eve.

Ordinarily I’d be stressed by this pressure. The funny thing is, I’ve begun to enjoy even the running (who could not enjoy a bike ride?), and when I say enjoy, I mean relish . My once-reluctant body tells me it needs and celebrates each day’s workout. Who would have believed this year’s “fitness” focus would come to such a welcome juncture.

All of this mentally prepares me for 2018. For once in my life, maybe I can be ambitious!


Day 308 of the Big Years

The end of 2017 approaches fast. I won’t mince words: the big years have kind of delivered the results I’d hoped for, but I’m not that pleased. Let’s gloss . . .

Fitness Big Year – brilliant! Largely injury free, I’m exercising completely regularly and feel better than ever.

Rock Music Big Year: I’ve listened to an album on each of the 308 days, 103 different recent albums. A big tick for dedication but guess what: there’s been no epiphany, no resurrection of my old love of music. Why? Not sure.

Writing Big Year: A flop. It was probably always badly conceived, has morphed several times, has spurred great work in some periods, but now I’ve had a big slump. Since this is the only one of the three big years to be vitally important, I’m not pleased. More reflection to follow.

Fitness Big Year: More knowledgeable about gear

Having jogged for nearly half a century, you’d think I’d be scientific about when to buy joggers. I mean, they’re kind of important in cushioning limbs, joints and bones. But no, I’ve always just worn them down untilĀ  . . . until I faced problems with limbs, joints or bones. Now logging runs on Strava makes a huge difference, because Strava keeps track.

I reckon I used to go for well over 1,200 kms on a pair of running shoes. Generally “they” recommend replacement after 600-900 kms, so today I donned new ones after 800 kms on the old ones. Even that was probably too far – those Brooks Beast shoes have huge chunks worn out of them. So I let Strava know I’d love to be notified when this new pair reaches 700 kms. That’s progress!