Rock Music Big Year: A good idea from Kris Kringle

An album every damned day . . . not easy when your ears have lost the habit of careful listening. Kris Kringle (thanks Daniel Kabel!) left a gift under the Xmas tree, a small blackboard, some chalk and a tiny rubber. “For writing down your designated album,” I was told.

Such an antiquated device in the era of digital apps that can prompt us about anything at all . . . but it works. It sets in train the day from which I’ll carve 40 minutes to do what I yearn to do.

Three big years: Week 1

Most important: I wrote and worked well . . . not quite as well as I should have, but I rose early on six days (slept in once but made up for it) and hunkered down. I rode a bike three days, only 76 kms not 100 kms, but enjoyed every moment and consider my launch a fine one. Jogging was, for some reason, horribly tough, and I dropped short on Wednesday, but I forgive myself. I listened to music all 7 days – carving out the time was irksome but I’m already getting used to that – andsuddenly I’m humming stuff in my head! All up, an encouraging start and the tension I imposed upon myself will, I’m sure, ease over the next few weeks as I get used to a very different way of focusing time.

Rock Music Big Year: Do you enjoy writing album reviews?

I do. But this year isn’t the one for full reviews. Instead, I’m documenting the year’s daily regimen – an album a day, repeated three times – with what I’m calling a reviewlet, a playful, quick, rather rough encapsulation of my three-listens impression. A reviewlet comprises the artist; the album title; my rating out of 10; three hopefully apt words about the album; and a short judgemental sentence. You won’t be able to use my reviewlet for a buy-or-not decision, but my fleeting impressions might  prompt you to seek more fulsome reviews (or to shy away from that album altogether).

If I can stick to this Big Year, I’ll produce 122 reviewlets. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to post them all on this blog (the tedium!), but if occasionally you’re interested, I will be sticking them on a Pinterest board (go to


My Big Decade: Follow my progress?

In 2016 I obsessed, day on day, with writing and jogging. In 2017, writing becomes even more intense, but on top of a Writing Big Year, I’ll do a Fitness Big Year (cycle, jog and gym) and a Rock Music Big Year (listening!). You might find this quirky struggle of interest! If so, go ahead and click the Facebook button.

2017 Day 1

One of the paramount rules of a Big Year: start on January 1. Today’s mandatory three tasks:

  • Get up in the dark to write well
  • Cycle, jog, or lift a dumbbell
  • Listen through Teenage Fanclub’s album Here

Not so straightforward, for it’s New Year’s Day and a special person’s birthday. All going well, it will be a day of two halves.